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Sometimes it is easy in life. You meet people virtually and you immediately realize: YES!

You do not ask anymore, you no longer doubt. Because you know we have the same goal. Go the same way. Fight the same fight. Everyone in his own way. Do what we do from the bottom of our hearts. Because we want nothing so much as this world becomes a better place for all. What can be wrong with this wish?

And suddenly you are sitting in an airplane, flying 3,000 kilometers across Europe to meet these people in person. You do not know what awaits you. But you know WHO awaits you. 2 Brothers in the spirit and heart. 2 wonderful people who fight for and end of suffering, like you do. The doors open, a find, a moment, a hug, a connection and again: YES!

To meet Xavier and Linus and work with them is undoubtedly one of the greatest gifts of my life. 

If then the real reason why you are here is almost something "incidental" and a gathering feels like it has always been so, then you know how rich you are at this moment.


I was able to supplement what had already been created by these two. With my voice, my emotions, my intention. What a great gift, what a great blessing, what a miraculous sign of unconscious trust and mutual respect.


Why am I here? Because this must be done. Because it has to be said. Because it has to be heard. Because it has to be seen.


I do not question why I walk with flashlights through the Norwegian forest in the dark. I just do it. Bold step. I also know in this situation that exactly this is necessary to express what we want to say in the right atmosphere with the right shots.


This weekend is one of the craziest, most breathtaking, exciting, wonderful and important things I've ever done in my life. Fuck all who think you crazy. Fuck all who smile at you. Fuck all who criticize you for it. You know what you are doing and why.


And that's all that matters. 


Even though the final result can only be guessed so far, and Xavier now has the most work to do: I love it already! And I am very sure that many of you will be so. 


We promise, you don't have to wait too long! 


We keep you posted on our pages! Stay tuned! It is worth it! 


#Whathaveyoudonefortheworldtoday #RESPECTveganART









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„Time to Change“ – vegan vocalist phoenic supports animal rights organizations with her debut album

On May 6th, 2016 the debut album „Time to Change“ of vocalist phoeNic was released. The title song is available as single download since March 11, accompanied by a special promotion.




With her album „Time to Change“ phoeNic delivers a broad range of musical and vocal performance. Epic ballades, catchy titles and dance songs, traditional Scottish music followed by fascinating nature sounds really make this album a unique experience. Especially phoeNic’s powerful and rich voice, yet at the same time lyrical and sometimes rough, is not to be missed.


The album takes on a broad repertory of topics – many autobiographic -  ranging from love and friendship to death. The core of the album is a passionate message for animal rights, with the artist giving animals a voice. Animals are sentient beings and individuals. Just like humans they have a fundamental right to live in peace and dignity, free from oppression.

For phoeNic human rights and animal rights are equally important and worth fighting for; that’s why she is a compassionate advocate for both, also supporting the global movement One Billion Rising to end violence against girls and women.


The title track “Time to Change”, which was released on March 11 on all the usual download portals globally, is a stirring message to all humanity to honor the beauty of our world and all its inhabitants and to treat animals with respect and equal rights. A large number of German and international animal rights organizations have contributed footage for the video clip. The release of the song is accompanied by a special charity promotion, with phoeNic donating 50% of all her download earnings to these animal rights organizations.

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